~ The finest Kobe Beef at BLT STEAK OSAKA ~

― A moment of blissful indulgence ―

A blissful moment to enjoy Kobe Beef

At BLT STEAK OSAKA, you can enjoy Kobe beef to your heart’s content.
Utilizing the grilling method cultivated from American steaks,
we offer a unique Kobe beef steak experience.
You can enjoy Kobe beef steaks that you cannot find anywhere else.
To fully enjoy the delicate and deep flavor of Kobe Beef in its best form.
We offer a variety of menu items including our signature steaks, burgers, and wine.

The Essence of Taste, Characteristics of Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is known for its tender marbling and deep flavor.
BLT STEAK OSAKA uses carefully selected Kobe beef.
This high quality meat is carefully controlled in every detail,
paying particular attention to the region and the environment in which it is raised.
It is served as the best steak.

The exquisite marriage of Wagyu beef and wine.

The deep flavor of Kobe Beef is enhanced by our carefully selected wines.
In particular, we have a wide selection of red wines that go perfectly with Kobe beef.
Their exquisite combination will make your meal even more special.
Please choose the one you prefer and enjoy a luxurious moment.

Excellent Steak and

 Special Burger

100g ¥15,000- / 150g ¥22,500- / 200g ¥30,000-
KOBE BEEf BURGER & French Fries ¥3,600-

Our chef’s skillful preparation of Kobe beef steak brings out the flavor of the meat.
The Kobe beef steak, prepared by our chef’s skillful techniques,
brings out the flavor of the meat and melts in your mouth.
We are also proud of our Kobe Beef Burger,
You can enjoy the harmony of the meat quality and flavor.


If you want to taste Kobe beef, come to our restaurant!

BLT STEAK OSAKA is a luxurious space where Kobe beef and fine wines are woven together.
Please enjoy the sumptuous Kobe beef that our chefs have prepared with care.
We invite you to experience the special harmony of Kobe Beef and wine.
We hope you will enjoy an exquisite time at our restaurant!